Home Office Picks: We’re Inspired July 8, 2020

The ‘new normal’ isn’t all bad. One thing we’re embracing is all the new hype around home office design. With more of us working from home than ever before, WFH is taking on an increasingly important role in many lives.

Long gone are the days when a makeshift set-up at the kitchen table was enough. More of us are realising the need for a more permanent, functional space where we can feel inspired to work. This is great news for designers, as even the most interior conscious clients may have underestimated the importance of their workspace before.

We at Wemyss love to see the amazing projects you come up with. We’re going to highlight a few key elements or approaches that make a great home office work. Who better to show us how than some of our favourite designers and customers? Read more below.


Transparent elements & negative space

House of KG make a fantastic case for the power of negative space with this home office design. Many clients present the challenge of needing their work space to integrate smoothly into their home without dominating the room. Here, Kristina has used the stunning glass desk, thin-legged sleek furniture and open-ended shelving expertly to give the feeling of more space. We can imagine this office providing a calm, creative working environment.

Scroll through to see that the office space builds on feature colours from the living room scheme and carries them through – a lovely journey for the eye! House of KG prove that the office can feel professional and separate, while retaining the character of the home. So modern and fresh, we bet the client looks forward to work in the morning.

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Inspiring bold themes

The idea of a white-walled, blank canvas as a workspace was once long established for creatives. However, the imaginative owners of the The House on the Red Door prove that this need not be prescriptive. Bold, maximalist rooms create their own kind of inspiring work environments.

With our striking peacock wall covering as the focal point, Katie says that they drew on the rich colours found in peacock feathers. They carried this theme throughout the accessories and features to create something that would “work in a typical modern new build but with more of a ‘grown up’ feel.” We think it’s worked perfectly and their pooch Jonny seems to love it too.

And so we come full circle: the wall covering inspired the overall mood of the study, which now provides a motivating space for these creative homeowners to work in.

They used our ‘Parvani’ wallcovering – check it out here.

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Strong colour schemes

It’s not just adults who need workspace! Dwell by Cheryl have created a stunning study area for this teenager’s room which we’d happily have ourselves. The built-in shelving and wall-mounted desk are used to increase the workable floor space in such a seamless way.

Most of all, we love the fresh, bright colour scheme! Home office spaces are not limited in the same way as commercial ones, and Cheryl proves there’s no need to compromise on an exciting and personal palette. This is a space we would really want to spend time in.

Elements like the Dalmatian chair keep things fun, while still sophisticated enough to transition easily into an ideal work space for a young professional someday. Designing and creating a custom space that fits both purposes so beautifully is no mean feat and well accomplished.


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The desk-sharing challenge

Home offices aren’t necessarily a solo affair. A work space for two can be designed to give each person the focus they need without taking up a whole room – look at BB Interior Design’s fantastic example here. BB makes prime use of this spot’s natural light and gives a warm, decadent feel which compliments the separate lounge area. Brenda explains that bespoke joinery was key: “Building in the desk and shelf made the best use of space. The bespoke banquette doesn’t take up as much space as a sofa would.”

A separate office in the same home has its own private access for visitors. BB Interior Design furthers our point that strong themes and bold colour schemes can work wonders for a professional home setting. With Brenda’s luxe signature, this wouldn’t look out of place in a Bond film.

BB Interiors used some of our faux leathers in the project, such as Orzan – see here.

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Making use of space

Chameleon Interiors have taken ‘neglected space’ within this Victorian home and created a custom work area. Some may prefer that work is tucked away and this lavish set-up manages to keep the flow of the decadent scheme running through the hallway, but remains separate enough that the door can be closed to work for the day. The glass doors are a perfect touch too, as the office benefits from all the natural light of the main room. If the thought of getting work finished to get back into the sunshine drives your client too, this approach is ideal.


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Check our ‘Textures’ Wall Covering collection used throughout the project here.


We’re amazed by the spaces carved out in these homes – proving that some design ingenuity can go a long way into creating an ideal office for any home. We hope these examples have inspired you and we always want to see more of your designs. Keep tagging us: @wemyssfabrics (Instagram; Twitter; Facebook)

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